April 03, 2013

Not for school. For Constance. xoxo

Not For School, For Constance Title pictrure

inch2thepoint not for school uniform, constance billard school uniform, gossip girl
Say hello to my "not for school" uniform which I realised after the fact, has elements similar to the uniforms worn by the girls of Constance Billard in Gossip Girl, these are the base elements of how I preferred to dress during my days at sixth form, when not in uniform (and still do today as you can probably tell); high heels and chunky jewellery.

 Ironically I never enjoyed wearing blazers when it was a part of my uniform and now I practically never leave home without one. This is my first "full" post and I had a hell of a good time shooting it. I'll let you in on a secret though, the temperature was probably -2 C and the winds were beyond freezing but that didn't stop me from smiling. I was just excited that it was actually sunny for once in London!

aldo statement necklace, zara faux leather sleeve blazer, inch2thepoint not for school uniform, gossip girl
zara faux leather sleeve blazer, inch to the point, inch2thepointinch2thepoint asos pointed ankle boots heeled

pointed heeled ankle boots, khaki boots, asos ankle boots, inch2thepoint

gossip girl post, inch2thepoint
The Point:
Leather Sleeve Blazer | Zara (AW 12) 
White shirt | Zara
Skater Skirt | River Island
Statement Necklace & Ring | Aldo
Tights & Aztec Ring | H&M
Pointed Ankle Boots | ASOS

If any of you caught the GG reference in the title, I'm virtually high-5ing you right now! For those who are not familiar; Constance Billard School For Girls was the name of the high school in the awesome TV show Gossip Girl. "Not for school. For Constance." is my homage to the show's unique school uniform styles which was showcased by 'B For Waldorf xo'. Those of you who watched it know that school uniform at Constance was nothing like the ordinary & was never to be yawned at.

With smiles form

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