April 08, 2013

Hey, I Heard You Were A Wild One

Dune leopard print heels

  Are you ready for your close up?

Dune pony hair leopard print heels
I love my pony hair points & the fact I can wear them rain or shine, but I prefer shine of course.

Dune pony hair leopard print heels
Just look at those shiny claws. Who could resist?
Dune pony hair leopard print heels

Dune pony hair leopard print heels
 I had my eye on these babies for months & when they went on sale I pounced, but of course they were sold out online in my size (5). So the mission began to find a pair, on sale, in size & on point and that mission was accomplished. 
Dune pony hair leopard print heels

I've had to call in sick this week on account of English weather messing up my system. Seeing as I couldn't brave the cold to post an outfit for you I decided to do a mini photo shoot and debut one of my favour pairs of points; My leopard print "Wild Things" from Dune. This particular pair is about 2 years old but there are still some look-a-likes around I'd be happy to post links, just leave a comment & let me know.

- Looks with these wild things are in the making.

With Smiles From Nia

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog!
    I love this post, the heels are gorgeous!!!!!
    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin...


    1. Hi Jenny! No problem I love your style!

      Yes that would be perfect! I'll find you on there now.




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