May 05, 2015

The Complemental

Hello, darlings. Long time, no see from me, I mean wow almost two years later and here I am. I didn't give up on this blog I was just working really hard on a new project that I'm finally announcing even though it's still not ready to launch.

The last few years I've been thinking of a way to re-approach my outlook on the fashion industry and blogging and so developed a new platform, The Complemental. I haven't launched it yet it's in official "coming soon" status. Nevertheless I'm sharing it now and you can find out all you need to know by watching the video below. If you would like to help me get to it all out there faster, that would be great and you can do so by voting here.(opens in a new window).

Enjoy the video dolls, it's pretty exciting, I promise. Ps. you will need sound.

Don't forget to vote and share my pitch if you like it, love it or don't. The voting ends today, Tuesday May 5th and I'll need at least 100 more votes to make it to round 2.

UPDATE: It seems the voting link may be down for maintenance so if you want to keep up with the brand you can sign up via the newsletter on the official site.

If you really like what I'm trying to do and want to help me get votes feel, free to share this video in a post and link to the official website or to the voting site if you love it enough to help out with that today.

Meanwhile you can keep up with my new project by signing up to the newsletter and following me on Pinterest
and liking the Facebook page

Xoxo Antonia
Back sooner rather than later with updates.

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